C&A recently bought Calumet Photographic, a 75-year-old chain that was forced into bankruptcy in March, closing its 14 US stores.

The chain’s Oak Brook shop – around a 30-mile drive from its Chicago base and one of the newer locations – reopened yesterday.

C&A, which is based in New Jersey, said the reopened shop employs ‘core staff’.

In a statement, C&A added: ‘For 75 years, Calumet defined “photo retailing to professionals” and C&A is determined to rebuild the brand as quickly and efficiently as possible.’

It is not clear what other Calumet stores are due to reopen.

The statement added: ‘C&A will make further reopening announcements shortly.’

In March, Calumet UK said the closure of the US stores would have ‘no direct impact’ on the UK, where it runs nine shops.

Calumet said its European operations are financially and operationally independent.