Enfield Camera Club has gone digital thanks to a £3,000 Lottery win.

The London-based club told us: ‘The grant was £3,151, enough to cover the cost of new digital equipment – including a digital projector, laptop, software, projection screen, protective cases and a few little accessories and spares.’

The club said it received the money as part of the National Lottery’s Awards For All scheme.

Members now plan to hold digital photography competitions and host digital training evenings.

‘Having all the equipment in-house will enable us to de-mystify digital imaging for some of our older members, while encouraging younger people to join in.’

Going digital should also help reduce club costs, by saving the money that was spent developing 35mm film needed for slide shows.

This is expected to encourage more members to present their images.

For more information about the club visit www.enfieldcameraclub.co.uk

Picture:The club’s vice-chairman Frank Heinley (left) hands the cheque to club president David James

Picture credit: Garry Lakin