Sam Hussey, from Plymouth in Devon, eclipsed thousands of entries to become the eighth winner of the Share Your Summer competition.

The contest sought the best summer photos to showcase at 52 Jessops stores.

Sam’s winning image portrays a ‘spontaneous sunset’ over Dartmoor.

The 39-year-old said he first became interested in photography four years ago.

But he didn’t fully appreciate his photographic potential until joining his local camera club.

It was there that he was able to meet fellow photo enthusiasts who taught him how to use the manual settings on his camera.

‘I have met some amazing people through photography who continually spur me on to go out and take lots of great images,’ said Sam.

‘I love getting out in the great outdoors and shooting incredible landscapes.’

The enthusiast added: ‘I have been to some amazing places that I would never have even known about if it wasn’t for my photography passion.

‘Sometimes I can come home with over 40 photos, and sometimes just one.

‘It’s the best feeling when you look at that one image with the “wow” factor. It makes it all worth the effort.’

Winning entries in the Share Your Summer contest are due to go on display at the Project Space Gallery in Bermondsey, London, from 8-14 August. Entry is free.