The British government has jettisoned 35mm camera film from the typical ?shopping basket? – owing to dwindling demand ? and replaced it with digital storage media.

Announcing the removal of 35mm film – which follows the 35mm camera dropped last year – the Office for National Statistics (ONS) states: ?Spending on camera films has naturally declined with the popularity and affordability of digital cameras and photography?.

However, growing demand for ?all forms of portable digital storage? warrants its inclusion in the Retail Prices Index for the first time, asserts the ONS ? which uses price information to measure inflation and spending patterns in the economy.

Naming the 650 consumer goods and services that make up its 2008 list, the ONS adds: ?This item [portable digital storage media] should not necessarily be seen as a direct replacement for the 35mm film as it covers far more than just camera memory cards.

?Aside from use on cameras to store photographs, portable storage media, in the form of various memory cards and USB storage sticks? can give added functionality to portable music (mp3) players, games consoles, mobile telephones, transporting files between computers and so on.?

Among the items also dropped this year are the CD single (top 40), washable carpet and steering lock device.