Sony has today confirmed plans to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide, and released further details of moves to boost its imaging division as one of its three ?core businesses?.

The firm said it intends to shift resources to growth areas and restructure its headquarters, subsidiaries and sales company organisations.

?As a result of these measures, Sony estimates that the headcount across the entire Sony Group will be reduced by approximately 10,000 in FY12,? the company said in a statement, confirming press reports in Japan earlier this week.

Alongside its Mobile and Game divisions, Sony sees Digital Imaging as key to growth.

?Sony will target total sales of 1.5 trillion yen and double-digit operating income margin from consumer, professional and image sensor businesses by FY14,? the firm added.

?Sony is reinforcing its development of image sensors, signal-processing technologies, lenses and other key digital imaging technologies??

The company explained that interchangeable-lens digital cameras are one of the areas it plans to focus on over the next few years, in order to strengthen the corporation’s overall product line-up.

Sony also wants to bolster its security and medical imaging segments.

Medical equipment giant Olympus, currently under investigation over a huge accounting fraud, recently confirmed that Sony has proposed striking a tie-up.