Canon has developed the ‘world’s first’ lens-based image stabiliser that is designed to compensate for two types of camera shake.

The Hybrid Image Stabilizer (IS) is designed to compensate for angular camera shake (rotational) and shift camera shake (linear).

‘Sudden changes in camera angle can cause significant blur in images taken during standard shooting, whereas blur caused by shift-based shaking – when a camera moves parallel to the subject – is more pronounced in macro and close-up photography,’ explained Canon in a statement.

Hybrid IS uses an ‘angular velocity sensor’ designed to detect the extent of angular camera shake (found in existing Image Stabilizer mechanisms), along with a new ‘acceleration sensor’ that determines the amount of shift-based movement.

A new algorithm then combines the output of the two sensors and aims to move the lens elements to compensate for both types of movement.

The technology will first be incorporated in a DSLR lens planned for commercial release before the end of 2009, according to Canon.