With the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, Canon has made minor adjustments to its default image processing settings to make images more print-ready, according to Mike Owen, DSLR product manager for Canon Europe. ?Photographers want to spend their time taking pictures not processing them on a laptop, so we?ve altered some elements of the image processing in the EOS 1D IV to give the pictures more punch.?

Although all image processing settings can be changed by the photographer via the Picture Styles controls menu Canon?s standard settings now deliver slightly more contrast in the mid-tones, more sharpening and boosted colour saturation. ?Not all professionals find the time to tune the camera?s processor to optimise images for printing immediately, so we?ve established base settings that will do the job for them.?

After comments that EOS white balance is sometimes too warm Canon has also altered the auto and manual white balance response to provide more neutral colours. ?Photographers have said that they want maximum colour accuracy even under difficult lighting situations, so we?ve tweaked our white balance algorithms to reflect that.? says Mike Owen.

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