Canon was forced to halt production at some of its manufacturing plants after power failures caused by the Japan earthquake.

In a statement, the company has also confirmed that around 12 employees suffered minor injuries at its lens factory in Utsunomiya.

However, Canon says that buildings and factories have not suffered major damage, as it assesses the impact of the quake on production.

A spokesperson for Canon Europe was not able to confirm which factories were forced to stop production.

It is also not clear whether there were any British nationals among those working at the damaged plants.

However, we understand that Canon has informed the family and colleagues of those affected by the disaster.

Statement released by Canon this afternoon:

‘Canon can confirm that the Canon Inc headquarters and the Canon Group Subsidiary locations in Japan did not suffer major damage to any buildings or factories as a result of today’s earthquake and tsunami.

‘In one location, Canon Utsunomiya, approximately 12 employees suffered minor injuries and in some Canon manufacturing sites production was suspended as a result of power failures.

‘Canon is currently assessing the situation regarding the impact of the earthquake on production.

‘Our thoughts are with our colleagues and customers in Japan and here in Europe who have friends and family there.’


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