Canon has responded to criticism that its latest digital SLR camera, the EOS 500D, will carry a much lower price in the United States compared to the UK.

The camera is due to arrive in UK stores in May with a recommended body only retail price of £869.99.

However, in the US the same camera will retail at $799.99, according to a press statement issued by Canon last week.

Using the current exchange rate, this would make the US price seemingly equivalent to around £566.

The apparent gap prompted criticism from several Amateur Photographer (AP) readers, via the AP website, one of whom wrote: ‘Once again Canon are bringing a new camera to the market at an over-inflated recommended sales price in the UK. The US price of $799.99 in no way equates to the RSP in the UK and I would expect this RSP to be reduced to about £499 for the body only in the UK by the time the camera comes to market?’

In response, a Canon Europe spokesperson said that the firm understands the ‘source of confusion regarding price differences between regions in the world’.

Attributing ‘many reasons’ for this, Canon Europe told AP in a statement: ‘In general, consumer goods cost less in the USA and the differences in prices between the USA and Europe is not specific to Canon cameras.

‘Prices may vary in different regions of the world due to a number of factors such as differing markets, governments and competition, plus governments’ taxes, sales quoting VAT or not, currency fluctuations and the consumer prices for Canon products that are determined by Canon dealers.’

The statement added: ‘These matters have been further accentuated in the UK over the past year due to currency fluctuations, especially with the US dollar and pound sterling. Additionally, consumer prices in the US are quoted excluding sales tax and the UK quotes prices including tax.’


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