Superseding the X10, launched in October 2011, the X20 features a new 12MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor which, coupled with the EXR Processor II, is claimed to cut noise by more than 30%, while raising resolution by around 20%.

Like the X100S (see page 5), the X20 dispenses with an optical low-pass filter and uses Lens Modulation Optimizer to help reduce effects such as lens diffraction.

‘Optical low-pass filters have traditionally been used in conventional sensors to reduce false colour and moiré effects. However, this also means sacrificing image quality,’ explained the firm.

The lens is a 28-112mm f/2, the same as the X10’s.

The Advanced Optical Viewfinder is ‘synched to the zoom lens’ and includes an eye-sensor.
Data, such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO is overlaid onto a Digital Trans Panel.

Other tweaks include a 12 frames per second shutter speed, compared to 7fps on the X10.

The X20 is expected to cost around £499 and is due to go on sale in the UK in March.