The GXR was launched in 2009 as an interchangeable lens compact digital camera system which, at the time, represented a first in its class for camera design.

Harbouring ambitions to ‘conquer the DSLR’, the GXR incorporated an imaging sensor and processing engine built into the lens unit, rather than the camera body.

The lens units attach to the GXR body using a slide-in mount system.

In an interview with AP at CES, Ricoh Imaging UK managing director Jonathan Martin said GXR sales have been discontinued in the UK and, as far as he knows, production has stopped altogether.

Germany has the last of remaining stocks, though the GXR has not officially been discontinued.

Initially, there were two lens/sensor modules available for the GXR, alongside a single magnesium-alloy camera body.

In 2012, Ricoh unveiled a wideangle lens module for the GXR which it hoped would serve as a ‘killer unit for expanding GXR sales’.