A new digital compact camera featuring a built-in projector is due to be available to ‘major camera brands’ in the second half of next year.

Developed by Asia Optical, a worldwide supplier of digital cameras, the new camera will incorporate a Texas Instruments DLP Pico projection module.

‘Consumers can instantly project their pictures to sizes up to 40in (in normal indoor lighting conditions) and in excess of 60in (in dark conditions),’ said a Texas Instruments spokesman.

‘We believe the market opportunity for embedded displays in consumer electronics products, such as digital still cameras and digital video cameras, is significant and we are excited to launch the first product with DLP very soon,’ added Asia Optical’s chairman Robert Lai.

The camera is today being demonstrated at the CES show in the United States.

A Texas Instruments UK spokesman said he was not yet able to give a release date for the product.

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