Lambeth council websitePhotographs taken by a convicted child sex abuser remain on the website of a London council five days after the photographer was jailed for eight years, Amateur Photographer (AP) has discovered.

Lambeth Council has pledged to remove them after being contacted by AP today.

Last week photographer David Trainer, 56, was convicted of sexual assault against girls aged as young as six at his flat and swimming baths in the Brixton area of London during the 1980s.

AP has discovered that around 50 images from Trainer?s collection remain available to view on Lambeth Council’s publicly-accessible online archive.

They depict portraits and events, most taken around the Loughborough Estate in Brixton, according to the website pages of the council’s Lambeth Landmark project.

It is known that young children from the Loughborough Estate visited Trainer?s flat and often stayed overnight.

The archive includes images taken around the time Trainer was known to have been carrying out his abuse, though there is no suggestion the pictures have any connection with the offences he carried out.

One photograph from 1987 shows children waiting to get on a bouncy castle. Another shows a young boy at a community event in nearby Kennington Park in 1982.

More recent images include a photograph of children playing in fountains outside the Royal Festival Hall on London?s South Bank in 2007.

Lambeth Council was quick to distance itself from Trainer when Amateur Photographer alerted officials to the pics.

A council spokesman told us: ?We didn?t commission him as a photographer.’

He added: ?We will be removing these images from the website.?

Police believe that Trainer may have abused others and have appealed for them to come forward.

As we reported earlier today, anyone who believes they may have been a victim is urged to call the Lambeth Child Abuse Investigation Team on 020 7232 6397.

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