Lomography Color Slide/X-Pro 120 Film 200The Lomographic Society has launched its own label 120 colour slide film after tracking down a discontinued emulsion made by Agfa.

?It?s the return of a long-lost love, Agfa RSX 200 emulsion on medium format,? said a spokeswoman.

?Lomography has hunted down this emulsion, which is still being produced by Agfa Geveart as an aerial film. Now we?re making it available to everyone, everywhere.?

The E6-processable film is designed for use in medium-format cameras such as Lomo?s Lubitel 166+ and Diana F+ cameras.

The Lomography Color Slide/X-Pro 120 Film 200 is available to buy from the Lomo website, in a pack of three, priced £20.

It will go on sale in UK stores soon, according to Lomo.

For details visit www.lomography.com.