The raiders, wearing crash helmets, broke into four glass display cabinets at York Cameras in Bury Place, which is near the British Museum.

Two members of staff were in the shop at the time of the raid, which took place at around 11am. Neither was hurt.

York Cameras’ product range includes high-end cameras such as the Canon EOS 1DS Mark III DSLR.

However, the pair are believed to have fled empty handed, according to York Cameras director Robin Rata.

They escaped on a moped and are believed to have been involved in another raid today, on a shop nearby.

York Cameras has been closed since the incident, though staff said they plan to re-open the store this afternoon, once they have cleared away broken glass.

Founded 40 years ago, York Cameras was originally based in York Road, Waterloo.

The shop moved to Bury Place in 2000.

The Metropolitan Police had yet to comment on the incident at the time of writing.