Organisers of a photography competition have defended their right to publish entries anywhere they like on the grounds that only amateurs – not professionals – are eligible to enter.

Launched by the Container Shipping Information Service (CSIS), the contest offers prizes totalling $1,500.

However, the rules state that submissions ?become the property of the CSIS? and that organisers ?may use and display them for any defined, reasonable and lawful purposes thereafter, whether a photo is a winning photo or not?.

When confronted over the rules of the competition a spokesperson failed to dispel any concerns entrants are likely to face.

She told Amateur Photographer: ?CSIS completely understands and respects the sensitivities surrounding copyright. For that reason, we have only allowed amateur or ?have-a-go? photographers to enter. Professional photographers are not eligible to enter.?

The spokesperson added: ?This competition is only meant to raise awareness of the importance that the container shipping industry has on our everyday lives? If anyone is unhappy with any aspect of the terms and conditions we would encourage them not to enter the competition.?

Organisers say the aim of the contest is to ?improve the image of the container shipping industry?.

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