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Picture: Copyright Andrew Bartlett

A freelance photographer felt like a ‘criminal’ when a security guard banned his pictures of people ice-skating at a council-run Christmas attraction.

Photographer Andrew Bartlett said he felt ?embarrassed? and ?left the area quickly? after he was quizzed by a council official at the Winter Wonderland fair in Cardiff on Wednesday.

?He said that I needed permission and that I couldn?t just go onto the area taking pictures, because of the kids,? said Bartlett, who told Amateur Photographer (AP) he was after some ?stylish shots of the ice-rink and nearby ride?.

?I explained that it?s a public place. He didn?t say any more, except he was only passing on what he was told.?

Bartlett, who was using a Canon EOS 40D, with a battery grip and 24-105mm lens, added: ?I told the security guard it was for personal use. I wasn?t planning on selling them [the images]?

?It really annoys me that I was out taking innocent pictures of the general area, not aiming at any one individual. They feel they need to do this, not knowing the law at all..?

Cardiff Council insists it has the right to question all photography and says a sign is displayed to that effect at the entrance.

A Cardiff Council spokesperson told AP: ?We do require all photographers and media outlets to ask for permission from us before they arrive on site.

?We ask all those wishing to film or take photos to complete a media request and indemnity form. This form is used to ensure all Winter Wonderland staff members are aware of who will be on site for that day for health and safety reasons.?

The incident comes just weeks after a row erupted at another ‘Winter Wonderland’ event.

A group of photography enthusiasts said they were made to feel like ?paedophiles? when security guards banned them from taking pictures at the Winter Wonderland fair in Hyde Park, London.

And last weekend, some photographers were left baffled when DSLRs were prohibited from a disused tube station in London, though other types of camera were allowed inside.

Bartlett said he feels that people with DSLRs, even those used for personal purposes, are treated unfairly.

‘In my five-year career as a wildlife, landscape and macro flower photographer, I have never been stopped, until now.’

Cardiff pic

Picture: Copyright Andrew Bartlett