1. 1981: AP predicts THE FUTURE


This is still the best way we can think of to illustrate an article about camera designs of the future. With a lady in a cape.

2. 1967: Cat!


We’d just like to point out that since this cover is from 1967 we officially pre-empted the internet’s obsession with cats by at least 50 years.

3. 1983: World’s First ‘Hologram’ Cover

Hologram 1983

In 1983 we got extremely excited about 3D photography, so much so that we splashed on the world’s first hologram cover. Take that, National Geographic.

4. 1934: Leica and the birth of action photography


In 1934 Leica used AP’s cover to boast of a new, unheard-of shutter speed of 1/500sec, which gave rise to truly excellent pictures such as the one above.

5. 1957: Penguin.


Who else misses the days when you could stick a contextless penguin on the cover of a magazine without having to explain yourself?

6. 1984: Darth Vader celebrates our centenary.

AP 5-5-1984Konica’s latest compact video camera was so exciting that even Darth Vader had to get in on the action.

7. 1884: It all begins

1st cover 1884

And finally, because we’re suckers for a bit of sentimentality, here’s where it all began. One-hundred and thirty years ago this week (this coming Friday, to be precise) AP’s first issue hit stands, including in the bottom third of the cover an advert for every photographer’s essential companion – a tricycle. Truly some things never change.

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