Widely-published images of the clash between Hugh Grant and a photographer were, alone, not sufficient evidence to charge the actor, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said.

On Friday the CPS confirmed that Hugh Grant will not face charges over claims that he kicked photographer Ian Whittaker and attacked him with a container of baked beans in west London on 24 April.

The CPS yesterday confirmed that its decision relates to ?all the evidence’ gathered by the police and presented to the CPS.

Speaking in general terms about how it treats photographic evidence before deciding whether or not to prosecute, a CPS spokeswoman told Amateur Photographer magazine: ?What photographs don?t show is what has happened before and directly afterwards – and that has to be borne in mind.?

The CPS spokeswoman added that ?self-defence?, for example, can be used as a legitimate form of defence should the case go to court.

She said that all such factors have to be taken into consideration when deciding whether a person is charged or not.

Hugh Grant was arrested on 25 April and bailed until May, a date later extended until June.

Confirming its decision that Hugh Grant will not be charged the CPS said on Friday: ?We have advised the police that there is insufficient evidence to charge Hugh Grant with any offence in relation to an allegation that he kicked a photographer. This is because there were clear discrepancies between the accounts of independent witnesses and those of the photographers involved.?

The CPS statement added: ?In relation to a second allegation involving a discarded take away food container, the CPS decided that a prosecution would not be in the public interest in light of the minimal nature of the alleged assault, the lack of premeditation on the part of Mr Grant and the overall circumstances of the incident.?

Speaking yesterday [4 June] the CPS spokeswoman added: ?Two unrelated people happened to have witnessed it [the alleged assault].? She explained that the two witnesses contacted the police ?voluntarily? and came forward independently following the publicity that surrounded the incident.

(Photo: Chris Cheesman)

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