However, year-on-year DSLR sales fell more sharply in September than those for CSCs, reports GfK in its latest newsletter, Market-i.

‘SLR value dropped by 37% compared to September 2012 and although the compact system camera decline was less severe than recent months at 20%, it would need a significant volume boost [in CSC sales] to get parity with last year before Christmas,’ states GfK.

In September, the total UK photography market was worth 29% less than it was the year before.

Sales of photo gear fell by 21.7% in the first nine months of 2013, and 26% when comparing June-September to the same quarter last year, according to figures released today.

Online sales fell only 2.2% compared with September 2012.

Last month, we reported that falling prices spelled good news for consumers, as the average price of an SLR in the UK plummeted by £136 in a single year.

The average selling price of an SLR was £486 in August, compared to £622 in the same month in 2012.