The Daily Mail last night admitted it made a mistake by publishing a photographer?s Twitter photos without her permission.

Amateur photographer Alice Taylor had refused to allow the Daily Mail‘s website to use two pictures she had taken of an Oxford Street store for a news article published on 15 August.

The pictures, which Taylor had posted on Twitter, accompanied a Mail Online report in which she claimed that a high-street clothes chain is promoting ‘anorexia’ by using skinny mannequins in its shop windows.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine last night, a spokesman for Mail Online said: ‘The pictures were published in error due to a breakdown in internal communications.

‘We regret the error and have now settled the matter amicably with the photographer.’

However, Taylor says she has not yet settled with Mail Online ‘amicably’, though she hopes to soon.

She told us this morning: ‘I have asked them to suggest an appropriate picture fee, per pic – all to go to the charities I originally nominated – and then we will settle amicably.’

The photographer is seeking £1,000 for each photo.

Earlier this week, we reported how BBC News will, at times, use Twitter images without first seeking the photographer’s permission.

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