Impossible, a Netherlands firm which makes Polaroid camera-compatible film, has announced a film processing unit trumpeted as a ‘groundbreaking module for analogue instant photography’.

Though still at the concept stage, the system includes hardware claimed to turn iPhone images into instant prints.

‘The Impossible Lab is the Impossible answer to a question we have been posing for a long time,’ claimed Impossible project founder Florian Kaps.

‘Is there a convenient but truly analogue way to transfer our everyday iPhone images into these unique, real and magic photographs we love so much?’

iPhone users would select the image they want to print, using an ‘Instant Lab app’, before placing the phone in a cradle.

The developers say they are looking to raise at least $250,000 to put their prototype into production.

So far, more than 380 people have backed the project – raising more than $67,000.

The concept will be showcased at photokina in Cologne, Germany next week.

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