Digital Depot will continue to trade after one of its directors, backed by an unnamed third-party investor, agreed to buy the Hertfordshire company.

Stuart Boston, who has been at the firm for 11 years as a non-shareholding director, said he has managed to secure financial backing to buy Digital Depot, which went into administration in September.

Administrators confirmed to AP that the deal was thrashed out last night. At the time of writing, it had not yet been formally signed.

The agreement will mean the closure of the firm?s Warehouse Club, which opened in 2006 as a sales area and venue for workshops and seminars.

The Imaging Academy will remain, offering services such as training sessions and studio hire, though under separate ownership.

Details of the amount paid for the firm, or the number of staff made redundant, have not been disclosed.

Boston told us he wants the firm to continue to be ?original and creative?: ?We are going to offer the same level of service and do things a bit differently. Service is going to be our main area.? He added: ?We are back, so watch this space.?

The Stevenage retailer, which prided itself on being the ‘first dedicated digital camera store in Europe’, called in administrators on 29 September.

The store has pledged to honour warranties on equipment bought by customers before it went into administration.