The average price of a digital SLR in Britain has fallen by 23% over the past year, according to market research group GfK.

Comparing the three months ended 30 June with the same quarter the year before, the figures show that the average price of a digital SLR body is now just under £550.

The stats also reveal that 6.6% more digital cameras were sold in Britain in the quarter ended 30 June, compared to the same period in 2005.

In value terms sales rose 2.1%. ?It is positive news for the industry as the digital camera market has sustained growth for the second quarter of the year?? claimed a spokesman for GfK.

However, it seems that this year?s World Cup football may have hit sales in June, according to GfK, which confirmed that the value of digital cameras sold during that month dropped by 6.9%, compared to the June 2005 figure ? though the number of cameras sold stayed the same.

Though GfK stresses that such as drop is ?not terminal? for the digital camera market, the spokesman added: ?There is obviously some cause for concern, as there is some price erosion taking place.?

According to GfK, some other markets were also hit by a drop in high street sales in June, as consumers apparently chose to watch the football on TV instead of going shopping.