A group of software developers have got together to give you the chance to try out some less-well-known MacOS and iOS photo editing and video applications and get discounts up to 40%. The event page can be found here and the offers run until December 20th.

RAW Power for Mac and RAW Power for iOS: from $39.99 to $29.99
Enables you to edit Raw Images on iPhone and iPad and rate, flag and filter them. You can also organise your iOS Photo Library and Import and Edit from Files.app too. You can use both programs together, rating and editing on your phone, continue working on your Mac, or vice-versa.

Hydra for Mac: from $49.99 to $29.99
Described as a powerful HDR photo studio app that lets you create images from a number of exposures. Hydra offers advanced computational photography features, such as advanced image alignment, ghost removal and a modern tone mapper.

Hydra for iPhone/iPad: from $4.99 to $2.99
A computational photography app for taking pictures in difficult lighting conditions thanks to HDR, Lo-Light, and Zoom modes. Hydra uses image fusion techniques to overcome small sensors’ physical limits. New features include support for new iPhone 12/Pro lenses. An Apple Watch companion app is also available.

Avalanche for Lightroom: from €59 to €39
A smart photo library migration tool that lets you transfer your photos from Aperture and Luminar to Adobe Lightroom Classic or to files and folders. Avalanche migrates all metadata, annotations, catalog structure while also preserving all your edits. Also available is Avalanche for Luminar, also smart photo library migration tool that lets you transfer your photos from Aperture and Adobe Lightroom Classic to Luminar or to files and folders.

Emulsio: from $10.99 to $7.99
Emulsio is a video stabilisation and transcoding app to make your videos smoother and look more professional. It now comes with 4K support and a new video encoder to adjust resolution, bitrate, audio quality, and more. Handy for YouTube creators