Touted to be ‘by photographers, for
photographers’, GearShop features gear and equipment that has been vetted and
approved by DPReview editorial staff.

In its announcement, the site pre-emptively
responded to potential questions that could arise about its impartiality with
regard to products sold in the shop.

‘We want to reassure you that we’ve worked hard
over the last 14 years to earn our reputation for unbiased, objective
assessment of digital photography equipment, and we have no intention of
throwing that away,’ it said.

The announcement went on to say that DPReview
and GearShop will be managed by different teams, and crossover between the two
will be tightly restricted.

The site pledged that the GearShop would only
sell products tested, approved or recommended by editorial staff, and that they
would not shy away from informing consumers about products’ weaknesses as well
as strengths.

‘We will not, ever, sell our
credibility,’ DPReview said.

To see the site visit, though be aware it is currently only shipping to US