A tiny device that fits to the hotshoe of a DSLR, to help photographers keep their cameras on a level, has been launched by Seculine.

The Action Level Cross indicates horizontal level as well as vertical alignment, says UK distributor Intro 2020.

The £54.99 gadget makes use of seven coloured LED lights, for each axis, to show level data in a ‘traffic light sequence’ – going from red to green in the centre when the camera is level.

‘This neat device will work in standard landscape mode as well as giving level information for portrait photography and when shooting directly, vertically, for skyscapes or downwards for applications such as flat copy work,’ said a spokesman.

The unit is powered by a CR2032 battery, which comes supplied.

Available separately is a remote slave unit (£34.99), which is designed to enable photographers to use their camera at a low angle, or overhead, and see the level information relayed from the unit on the camera.

The new Action Level Cross gadget is due to land on the UK high street at the end of October.

For details call Into 2020 on 01628 674411 or visit www.intro2020.co.uk

Action Level Cross imageAction Level Cross image