DxO has updated its useful PureRAW ‘pre-processor’ to version 1.5. Like previous versions, the program takes camera raw files, and applies noise reduction, optical corrections and demosaicing to give 16-bit linear DNGs. These can then be processed in other applications such as Lightroom or Photoshop, just like conventional raw files.

In particular, PureRAW gives users access to DxO’s excellent AI-based DeepPRIME noise reduction, which can breathe new life into noisy raw files. It’s among our favourite new software this year.

Two new software settings allow distortion correction and sharpening to be disabled

With version 1.5, DxO has recognised that users would like more flexibility over which optical corrections to apply. So it’s added two new software switches that allow them to turn off compensation for pincushion or barrel distortion, and to disable sharpening. The latter option can deliver files with a less processed or ‘digital’ look, when examined at 100% onscreen. Leaving both options enabled gives the same output as previous versions of the software.

DxO PureRAW 1.5 now offers users control over sharpening

These 100% crops are from the same original raw file, with ‘Global lens sharpening’ disabled on the right

In addition, PureRAW 1.5 adds support for a range of new cameras and lenses, including the Pentax K-3 III, Sony ZV-E10 and Nikon Z fc. It also adds a few new productivity features, including the ability to save recent and favourite destinations for exporting your files.

DxO PureRAW 1.5 is available to download now for Windows and Mac computers. It costs £115, but the update is free for existing users. A 30-day free trial is also available.

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