A photo enthusiast from Bristol has bagged the £1,000 top prize in a competition to find the best image of Stonehenge.

Software engineer Gary Newman, 36, used his Nikon D50 digital SLR camera with an 18-55mm lens to win the contest organised by Amateur Photographer and English Heritage.

Surprised by his success Gary told us he is tempted to use his winnings to buy another camera, possibly a Nikon D700. He has already replaced his D50 with a D300.

He captured the winning image last year, setting up his tripod just outside the cordon surrounding the World Heritage Site. He then waited for a break in the clouds.

AP Editor Damien Demolder judged the contest.

The competition appeared in AP?s 18 October issue and also ran on the AP website.

The winning image by Gary Newman

The runners up are:

Richard Scott

Jessica Stephens

Chris Taylor

Nigel Ware