Father’s Day is almost upon us. If you’ve got a photography-loving dad, think about getting him a present based around his favourite hobby. If you’re stuck as to what to buy, take a look at our list of top Father’s Day gift ideas for the photographer dad in your life. We’ve found a range of items at different price points, so whether you’re on a budget or you’re feeling generous, there’s something here.

Father’s day gift 1: Camera Bag

Father's day gift - messenger bag

Is your Dad’s camera bag starting to look a bit ropey? Treat him to a new bag to carry his photography gear in style. There’s a huge amount of different bags available, but a leather messenger bag is always a stylish choice. ONA has a great range available at the moment, such as its Prince Street Messenger Bag, costing around £370.

Father’s day gift 2: Small Tripod

Father's day gift -  mini tripod

A small tripod can be a lifesaver when your Dad absolutely has to get that long exposure night-time shot. A small tripod which he can sling in his bag (or even jacket pocket) means that he’ll always be ready to go. We like the Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod, which costs just £19.95. Or, there’s the classic Gorillapod, with its ultra-flexible legs which can be bent around trees, fenceposts, or anything else that’s available – pick one up for around £25.

Father’s day gift 3: Photoshop Subscription

Father's day gift - photoshop subscription

If your Dad is keen to spend hours in front of his computer screen tinkering with his shots, then a Photoshop subscription could be just the ticket. The Photoshop CC package, which also features Lightroom and Bridge, is available for £10.10 per month. 

Father’s day gift 4: Customised camera strap

Father's day gift - barber shop razor cut leather wrist strap

A cute and fun idea is to get your dad a customised camera strap. There’s lots of places which make them, with only your imagination the limit as to how you can go about it. Maybe get your dad’s name emblazoned on the strap, or you go for graphics which reflect other aspects of his personality. Either way, it’s a bit more interesting than the standard strap which comes in the camera box. Etsy is a good place to start your search.

Father’s day gift 5: External hard drive

Father's day gift - storage

It’s not the most exciting present in the world, but it’s one that ultimately your dad could be the most grateful for. An external hard drive to back up all your dad’s precious photographs means that he also has the gift of peace of mind. You can pick up external hard drives at quite reasonable prices these days, but we like the WD My Passport Wireless which features an SD card reader for backing up on the move. It’s not cheap, but it’s ideal for photographers – it costs around £180 for a 1TB device. Alternatively, a 1TB portable hard drive without a card reader costs around £50.

Father’s day gift 6: Photobook

Father's day gift -Classic-Collage-photo-book

Are your dad’s superb photos languishing on a hard drive somewhere? Create a printed photo book to really show off his hard work. If you don’t have access to his photos, or, you think he’d enjoy the process of creating a book, you could get him a voucher. There’s many great photo book companies, but in terms of quality, ease-of-creation and value for money, we like Bob Books.

Father’s day gift 7: Photography workshop

Father's day gift - workshop

Think your Dad would benefit from learning a couple of new tricks? A photography workshop is a great way to hone your craft, meet likeminded people and have a great experience. You’ll find different options all over the country, but think about your dad’s favourite genre. Perhaps it’s wildlife photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, or something else entirely. A quick Google search should find you some suitable courses in your neck of the woods, with prices varying from as little as £20, up to several hundred for more advanced or longer courses.

Father’s day gift 8: Photography book

Father's day gift - photography book

Inspire your dad with a beautiful book with some stunning images. Try to find out his favourite photographer or genre to pick something he’d like – or – if you’re not too sure, a gift voucher for somewhere like Amazon or Waterstones always goes down well.

What will you be getting your Dad for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments box below.