Lomo has launched a new Twin Lens Reflex camera, which is designed to shoot 35mm as well as medium-format 120 film.

Built as a ?loving re-creation? of the original Soviet era classic, the Lomo Lubitel 166+ costs £259.65.

There are four image formats: 6x6cm (12 frames on a 120 roll); 6×4.5cm (16 images); Endless panorama (16 square images on a 120 roll); and users can choose to shoot 35mm film images as ?panoramic portraits where the image exposes the entire film ? including sprocket holes?.

Lomo claims the lens focuses down to 0.8m.

Features include a standard hotshoe for flash and manual focusing.

The ?zone focus? mode can be set to 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity.

The camera?s viewfinder is claimed to cover 100% of the image area.

The camera back and viewfinder are interchangeable so that a different style of viewfinder or another focusing glass can be put in its place.

A Lomo spokesman said there are interchangeable backs for its new TLR ?in the pipeline?.

For details visit www.lomography.com/lubitel166+/

? The first samples of the camera will go on show at The Photographers? Gallery bookshop from 6-8pm tonight. There will also be a ?find out about this camera workshop?. The event takes place at The Photographers? Gallery, 16-18 Ramillies Street, London W1F 7LW. Tel: 0845 262 1618.

Lomo Lubitel 166+ camera