Photolemur, a new photo-editing tool for Mac users, is soon to be launched – billed as the world’s first fully automated photo enhancement solution.

According to its creators, Photolemur uses an AI to make natural image enhancements automatically, and then learns from the enhancements that users like or dislike to improve its performance in the future.

Unlike most ‘all-in-one, automatic’ photo editors which often rely on hard-coded filters, Photolemur promises to apply specific enhancements for each image by recognizing objects, faces, trees, sky, foliage and more – as well as noticing the difference between landscape shots, portraits and macrophotography.

As the user brings in more images, every saved or shared photo builds up a database of successful enhancements, so that the AI can learn what users liked and what they didn’t.

Photolemur for Mac will be available from December 17, with Windows and mobile versions planned for release in 2017. Normally $79, pre-orders are on special offer for $29. Visit to learn more.