Aimed at beginners, up to the aspiring professional, the course runs over four weeks and is hosted by MyPhotoSchool, via a website where students are offered one-to-one feedback on images they upload and can take part in step-by-step video tutorials.

Participants are also able to chat to fellow classmates – via an online, ‘virtual’, classroom.

The Travel & City Break Photography Course starts on the first Saturday of every month when students can access a pre-recorded video tutorial that can be viewed – and reviewed – at any time.

Participants are set weekly photo assignments and given advice on areas such as street photography, legal issues and what to pack for a trip.

The course take advantage of Google Earth imaging to help students plan photography city breaks, according to MyPhotoSchool founder Duncan Heather who said: ‘Navigating an unfamiliar city in bad weather conditions means that usually even the most prepared photographers will miss opportunities.

‘But using the techniques detailed in the course, we can pre-plan prime locations to shoot indoors at museums, galleries and other locations all over the city at the click of a button.’

He added: ‘Keith goes through the entire process, culminating in lesson four with a shoot list around London, and how it’s planned.’

The course costs £120 and includes downloadable course notes.

Keith Wilson edited AP from 1989-1998.

For course details visit MyPhotoSchool