The boss of image-sharing website has today failed to reassure users about the fate of thousands of their images.

NEWS UPDATE: heads for liquidation

It is estimated that up to 70,000 images have vanished from without warning – many users paying a premium rate for an account with the website.

Yesterday we photographers? fears that the company behind the site has hit the buffers and ceased trading.

This morning Amateur Photographer (AP) tracked down Stephen Dyer, director of Snappy Designs which owns

AP relayed photographers’ outrage over the apparent loss of their images as they clamour for information and try to contact the website’s owner without success.

Here is a transcript of AP’s call to Dyer, made at 8.30am today, in which he refused to answer many of our questions.

AP: You are the director of the company that owns Do you know what?s happened to the website and why it has disappeared?

Dyer: Yes I do, and I?m hoping to make a public statement about it. There are legal matters to be sorted out.

AP: Is the company in financial trouble? There is concern that it has ceased trading.

Dyer: I understand where you are coming from. I don?t want to make a comment ? [until the legal matters are resolved].

AP: There?s a lot of people complaining because thousands of their pictures have disappeared. Do you know how long they will have to wait to get them back? Is the site going to reappear?

Dyer: I don?t know. Obviously I?m doing my best. I would rather speak to you later today.

AP: People have paid a lot of money for a premium account. Will they get a refund?

Dyer: I will happily speak to you as soon as I can.

AP: Can you confirm that the company is still trading?

Dyer: I will give you all the information I can, when I can. I?m not being difficult?

AP: So it?s not a technical problem with the website server then?

Dyer: It?s true to say it?s not a technical problem.