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Free 130th Essential photo tips supplement

Welcome to our special 130 essential photo tips supplement as part of Amateur Photographer’s 130th anniversary celebrations.

Whether you’re new to photography or it feels like you’ve been shooting since the first issue, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of expert advice at hand to help you take your photography further.

These tips cover all aspects of photography, from must-know advice before you set off, right through to looking after your kit and editing your images once you return from a shoot. Not only that, but we’ve covered pretty much every genre you can think of in between, so whether you prefer to specialise in landscapes, wildlife or action, all this is covered and much, much more. Enjoy!

Phil Hall
Features & Techniques Editor


Whatever your subject matter, try these general tips and your photography will benefit

Improve your landscape photography with our selection of handy tips that will give your shots a more professional look

Want to achieve more successful close-up images? Our expert tips will help

Gen up on your subject, position yourself in the best possible spot with a camera prepped for the day, and get ready to roll

Improving your wildlife photography isn’t just about expensive kit. Here’s our selection of handy tips that won’t break the bank

Portraits and lighting
Follow our handy hints to inspire your creativity and improve your landscape photography in little more than a flash

Street photography can be one of the most exciting genres to try your hand at – so just follow these words of advice

Black & white
Thirteen tips to get the most from your black & white photographic techniques

We can’t promise to turn you into a computer whizz but these pointers can make life easier

Cleaning, protection and maintenance
A look at how to keep your kit in tip-top working condition

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