This week’s Amateur Photographer (AP) magazine – on sale now – is giving away a free reflector or white balancer.

The massive giveaway – which has already generated gossip on the web – was made possible thanks to sponsorship from, the photo service that says it’s as passionate about your pictures as you are.

Commenting on the free gifts, AP Editor Damien Demolder said: ‘These are such great must-have accessories to carry around, and slot nicely into a bag – they’ve been so popular in the office, that we know you’re going to get loads of use from them.’

It is likely that this week’s issue of AP will sell out very quickly – so photographers are advised to bag their free gift as soon as possible.

? As part of APs 125th Anniversary – there are more free goodies on the way to coincide with the magazine’s 10th October issue, so be sure not to miss out.

Free gifts with Amateur Photographer