At Photokina 2012, Fujifilm technicians said they were seriously investigating the possible launch of a full-frame compact system camera (CSC) and were focusing on the sensor and processor that would be required.

However, at the time, officials stressed that the current XF lens range would not be 
compatible with a full-frame sensor because the covering circle would not be large enough.

Also, non-compatibility with existing lenses would risk alienating current users.

Speaking to AP at this year’s Photokina, Makoto Oishi, from Fujifilm Japan’s product marketing and planning division, said: ‘So many customers ask us,“how about full frame?”

‘But we always say that, currently, we are just concentrating on APS-C.’

Oishi said Fuji plans to launch further X-series cameras, and that there is no current plan for a full-frame model.

But he pointed out that Fuji is a camera developer, so it may be a possibility at some future date.

For now at least, the company line is that there is no full-frame plan.