Fujifilm claims the instax Share Smartphone printer SP-2 delivers higher resolution prints (320dpi) and better contrast. New features include a faster printing time of 10 seconds, and new filters and templates. For example, Collage and Split Templates can combine up to four images before printing. The instax Share Smartphone printer SP-2 is due out from the end of August priced £164.99, including 10 shots of instax film.

Share2SilverPrint.webPress release
FUJIIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is delighted to announce the release of the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2. Featuring new functions, exposure technology and a sleek, stylish design, the instax SHARE SP-2 is the latest product to join the highly covetable instax range of instant photography products by Fujifilm.

The popularity of smartphone photography is ever increasing, with favourite photos edited, filtered and shared across social media sites on a daily basis. Following on from the success of the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1 which launched in 2014, Fujifilm are encouraging smartphone photographers to free their photos, with the new and improved instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2. Compact, stylish and lightweight, the instax SHARE SP-2 offers users the gratifying experience of printing and sharing their smartphone photos instantly, easily, and at any time.

New Design, Improved Image Quality
Featuring a new sleek, stylish and contemporary design, the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2 also boasts improved image quality compared to that of the instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1. It offers clever new functions to suit users’ preferences, making printing smartphone images easier, quicker and more enjoyable. A higher image resolution and contrast are achieved with the adoption of a sophisticated new exposure system.

The combination of the exposure and film output processes has enabled the printing time to be shortened considerably – users can now send and print an image in just 10 seconds via wireless LAN using the free instax SHARE app. The free instax SHARE app has also been updated, with new filters and templates created to add to the experience.
Users can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image using the Custom Filter, whilst the Collage and Split Templates can combine and split up to four images before printing.
#freeyourphotos with instax!

Split template
Collage template
The instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2 endeavours to put the fun back into smartphone photography, enabling users to print a photo within 10 seconds of taking it – ready to share with friends and family.
Thanks to its contemporary and lightweight design, the instax Share SP-2 broadens its appeal to a wide demographic. Portable, stylish and easy to use, it offers a new rechargeable battery, so it can be taken anywhere! For everyday use, social gatherings, at work or at home, it’s the perfect way to free your photos and enjoy your photography. Ideal for gifting, crafting, sharing or simply enjoying, the possibilities with instax are endless!

The instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-2 demonstrates Fujifilm’s commitment to expand the world of the instax instant photo system. It adds to the ever popular line up of instax products, including the Mini 8, Mini 70 and WIDE instant camera, which aims to deliver the intrinsic values of photography – shooting, sharing, displaying and enjoying your precious memories.

Product Information and Specification
(1) Create instax photos by printing images from iPhones and Android™ phones via instax SHARE app.
(2) Images have a high resolution with print pixels of 800 x 600 dots and 320 dpi to show detailed gradations and the facial expressions of a full-length portrait, character or objects clearly.
(3) A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 10 seconds from print data transfer to print output.
(4) New filters and templates added to the instax SHARE app
a) Custom filter – Adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation to create original instax photos.
b) Collage template – Combine two to four images into one photo.
c) Split template – Transform 1 picture into multiple instax photos.
d) SNS Template – Template for printing images that were uploaded to a social networking service (SNS).
e) Real Time template – When the “Real Time Template” is selected and a photo is taken, the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity are indicated in the frame.
(5) The simple yet sophisticated design has a modern, sharp shape and rich colors.
(6) Equipped with a rechargeable battery to charge via micro USB port.
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