Fujifilm has moved to reassure photographers that it is ?working round the clock? to clear a backlog of Sensia film processing orders after glitches at its processing lab.

In a statement the firm explained that the delays occurred after the process-paid E6 processing service moved from Warwick to a lab in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The firm also blamed ?higher-than-expected? order levels.

Fujifilm Professional product manager Russ Gunn apologised to customers for delays in having their slides returned.

?This is the first time we have moved labs in over 30 years and unfortunately, we have experienced some teething problems,? he said, adding: ?The fact that some of these problems are due to the sheer number of film processing orders is very encouraging.?

The Leeds lab is also responsible for pre-paid processing of other professional films from the Fujifilm range. The new lab also deals with the firm?s ?Image to CD? service.

Fujifilm says that customers can track their orders by visiting www.fuji-processing-laboratory.com. The lab can also be contacted by emailing info@fujifilmprocessinglaboratory.co.uk or calling 0113 244 8221 or 0113 244 8329.