Fujifilm have released a free firmware update for their popular X-Pro2, promising a sizeable boost to autofocus performance. Borrowing the AF algorithm directly from the recently released (and very popular) X-T2, this update cements the rangefinder-style mirrorless model as one of what Fuji are calling their ‘double-flagship’ X-series cameras.

Taking users from version 1.02 to 2.00, the X-Pro2 firmware update pushes the number of AF points from 77 to 91 points (13×7) and from 273 to 325 points (25×13) to improve framing. The only exception is within the new AF-C Custom Settings functions, which will not benefit from the X-T2’s algorithm – although AF tracking in this mode will get a boost. Additionally, according to Fuji, AF point position interlocked with parallax will also now be displayed, to provide a more accurate and easier-to-use Optical Viewfinder even when the Corrected AF frame function is set to OFF.

Besides the improvements to AF, with this update the X-Pro2 will now be compatible with the new Fuji hot-shoe mount flash EF-X500, enabling wireless multi-flash lighting with TTL control up to three groups and high-speed flash sync.


Other quality of life adjustments include the Auto Power Off now having 15sec, 30sec and 1 minute options, as well as the Auto Power Save function (previously only available in Economy mode) being made available as an option in High Performance and Standard modes, so users can maximise their battery life.

All in all, Fuji say there are 20 adjustments made with the firmware update. To see the full list of changes or download the update for yourself, click here.

Updates have also been recently rolled out for the X-Pro1 and lens range, too. For a full list of Fujifilm firmware updates across their product range, visit fujifilm.com.

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