Watch the video above for the full interview with Theo Georghiades and to find out WHAT’S NEW ABOUT THE X-T2

Theo Georghiades, general manager for electronic imaging at Fujifilm UK (above), said: ‘We speak to many Canon and Nikon photographers on a daily basis, whether they are a prosumer or a professional, and [they say] it’s their daily life that they want to change. A big part of this adoption of Fujifilm is the system itself – the bank of lenses we have.’

Fuji’s X-series system offers a choice of 22 lenses.

However, in an interview with Amateur Photographer, Georghiades said professionals are also being tempted over to mirrorless by improvements in autofocus and resolution.

‘The big thing they come back with is image quality, much of it JPEG straight out of the camera, the ability to shoot freely and trust that the camera is precise in its colour reproduction, tonal range and sharpness…’

Georghiades was speaking at the launch of the latest flagship X-series camera from Fuji, the X-T2.

NEWS: Fujifilm reveals X-T2 mirrorless flagship

Asked what he sees as the X-T2’s main rival, he told AP: ‘There are many good cameras in the marketplace, the Sony innovative technology with their A7 range is obviously very important, but we are confident that this camera is going to be best in class because this is a system with the range of lenses.

‘We are confident that the [X-T2] is going to make some big inroads into the mirrorless market…’