Consumers are set to have faster and cheaper access to 3D photo printing thanks to a new 3D ‘dye-sublimation’ printing system (pictured below) which Fujifilm plans to roll out across the UK this summer.

The ‘3D Print System’ service is due to become available in early summer ‘bringing a novel offering to on-site print services, ideal for event photographers, tourist attractions and theme parks’, according to Fuji.

Currently, consumers wanting 3D prints have to order them online directly from Fujifilm, but these are printed in Japan and can take several weeks to reach the customer.

Fuji promises that, under the UK-based system, consumers will receive their prints in ‘days not weeks’, and the ‘cost per print will be reduced significantly’.

The company has not yet said how much each print will cost.

They will be available in four sizes, from 4x6in to 6x9in.

The announcement should spell good news for users of the FinePix 3D Real W1 digital camera, announced by Fujifilm last year.

The camera allows photographers to capture and view 3D images without having to wear special glasses.

A Fujifilm spokesman said: ‘With the launch of the new 3D Print System, 3D prints can be created on the spot, using a PC to process the MPO file via Fujifilm’s newly developed image processing software.

‘Using Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Intelligence technology and 3D Image Processing, high quality, life-like prints are produced in a matter of minutes,’ claimed the firm.

‘Excellent photographic results are produced using dye-sublimation technology to print directly onto the base of a lenticular sheet.’

Fujfilm 3d printer