Fujifilm UK has confirmed the upcoming launch of a new ?ultra-slim? 10-million-pixel compact camera called the FinePix Z200fd.

The Z200fd features two new self-timer modes: Couple Timer and Group Timer. ?Working in combination with Face Detection technology the self-timer automatically sets off after the camera has detected faces in the frame,? claims the firm.

?The camera won?t take the photo if one of the faces is out of the frame, so there?s no need to worry about someone being missed out of the shot.?

The Couple Timer aims to detect two faces in the frame ? automatically releasing the shutter when the two faces come closer together. The Group mode can detect up to four faces, according to Fujifilm.

Also on board is a 5x optical zoom, 52MB of internal memory and a top equivalent ISO of 1600.

The Z200fd will reach UK stores at the end of May at a price yet to be confirmed.

Today Fuji has also revealed the FinePix A850.

FinePix Z200fd