The adapters offer a ‘highly precise correction of the flange focal distance, to permit focusing to infinity’, claims the German manufacturer.

The firm adds: ‘In addition, the versions for Nikon, Minolta AF/Sony Alpha and Pentax K have a built-in aperture control and can even be used with lenses that do not have a manual aperture ring.’

Novoflex’s UK distributor, Speed Graphic, has confirmed that the following adapters are set for UK release, along with prices.

Lens Type/UK price

Canon FD (£109)
Contax/Yashica (£109)
Leica M (£139)
Leica R (£109)
Minolta MD and MC (£109)
Minolta AF/Sony Alpha (£155)
M42 (£82)
Nikon (£155)
Olympus OM (£109)
Pentax K (£155)
T2 (£82)
39mm screw-thread (£85).

To order, call Speed Graphic on 01420 560 066 or visit

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