Fujifilm?s dual-lens 3D camera system has stepped beyond the concept stage and is almost ready for launch, according to Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm UK?s director of Digital Imaging.

Alongside the original concept model, displayed at the photokina trade exhibition in September, Fujifilm was showing a new model at PMA in Las Vegas that Amateur Photographer has been told is very close to being finalised.

Designed to more closely resemble the company?s current Z range of slim and stylish compacts, the new model is fitted with two imaging sensors and two lenses to simultaneously capture a pair of images from slightly different viewing angles.

Once combined on the special rear screen on the camera, the two images create a convincing three-dimensional effect without the need for viewing glasses.

Fujifilm has also developed a new digital picture frame with what it calls a ?light-direction control module? that is capable of displaying two images simultaneously, playing each to a different eye so the viewer sees a 3D picture.

There are plans, too, for a lenticular printing service so customers can display easily viewable 3D prints in albums or frames.

Patrick McCarthy, photographic specialist with Fujifilm USA, says the camera will be usable as a normal still or movie camera, as well as a 3D camera.

Having two lenses, he says, means users will be able to shoot using two different focal length settings at the same time, as well as capturing full-resolution images with one lens while the other shoots video.

McCarthy says the camera is likely to retail at around $500 and the frame at $300. The camera will arrive in the UK for autumn this year, said Clarke.