Photographers are expected to be called on to help independent investigators establish the circumstances surrounding the death of a member of the public during last week’s G20 protests in London.

Ian Tomlinson collapsed in the City of London last Wednesday night, sparking an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The IPCC is already examining press photos and CCTV footage.

We understand that the IPCC will issue a statement appealing for more press photos that were captured around the time of Tomlinson’s death, to help its investigation.

An IPCC spokeswoman told Amateur Photographer that it expects to release a statement on the matter later today, after finalising the details.

Meanwhile, photographer Anna Branthwaite told today’s The Times that she saw a riot police officer rushing towards Tomlinson and hit him with a police baton.

Branthwaite is understood to have given a detailed statement of the incident to City of London Police.

The man who died was not taking part in the protest and died of natural causes, according to a police post-mortem.


Picture: This photo was captured at the G20 protests earlier the same day Credit: C Cheesman