_DSC4656.web© Helen Sloan/HBO

Sloan, who is principal stills photographer for the hit TV series, first became interested in photography aged 11 when she borrowed her father’s camera to take on a school trip to New York.

‘He developed the film and thought my shots were pretty good, so being the encouraging dad that he was, he said I could use his camera again,’ Sloan previously told Nikon Europe.

head shot[1]© Damien Elliott

The Ireland-born photographer added: ‘I practised a lot and eventually he bought me my own camera, a Nikon F3, and asked his friend from the local newspaper to let me come and get some work experience in the darkroom.

‘Once I got started, I never wanted to do anything except photography.’

BOOK_1_-2.web© Helen Sloan/HBO

Award-winning wildlife photographer Richard Peters (pictured below) has also joined the Nikon Ambassador team. Peters recently completed an e-book documenting his back-garden safari project.

Head shot© Richard Peters Photography: richardpeters.co.uk

richard_peters (31).web© Richard Peters Photography: richardpeters.co.uk

Morani© Richard Peters Photography: richardpeters.co.uk

The Nikon Ambassador initiative involves the nominated photographers working with Nikon to promote the brand at seminars, on social media and in PR campaigns, as well as providing inspiration for enthusiasts.

Jeremy Gilbert, group marketing manager at Nikon UK, said: ‘We are delighted to announce the appointment of Richard Peters and Helen Sloan to our Ambassador scheme.

‘Since the launch of the Ambassador scheme in 2013, we have seen some amazing talent in our line-up and it continues to go from strength to strength.

‘Through the ambassadors we are able to engage with our customers, but most importantly, encourage enthusiasts to take a step up with their photography.’