Don’t miss the chance to get your hands on some Eve Arnold’s finest images, presented as 16x20inch posters. Arnold (1912-2012) was a pioneering US photojournalist and portrait photographer who shot Hollywood stars, notably Marilyn Monroe, whilst simultaneously exploring racial equality, religion, sexuality and human rights in a fiercely male-dominated industry. In 1957 she became the first woman to join Magnum Photos.

The collection of 15 images includes Arnold’s last shoot with Monroe, which took place a year before the actress passed away.

Each poster is priced £30, reflecting Arnold’s desire for her work to be made more affordable (prior to this, Arnold’s images were only available as prints retailing from £1,000).

You can order the posters here. The posters are available until 30 April 2021.

Enjoy a selection of some of the available images below

USA. Nevada. Marilyn MONROE on the Nevada desert going over her lines for a difficult scene she is about to play with Clarke GABLE in the film THE MISFITS. 1960.

USA. Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn on the Nevada desert durign the filming of “The Misfits”. 1960

CHINA. Inner Mongolia. Horse training for the militia. 1979.

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