PAGE ONE: Government website security breached again?

www.stopandsearch.comA leaflet recently handed out by a police officer who stopped and searched a member of the public in London contains the address of a website no longer owned by the Government, but is instead owned by an anti-government group, Amateur Photographer (AP) can reveal.


The website, at, redirects visitors to a group who say they are ?deeply concerned about our Government?s unquenchable thirst for power? (see below).

On the website the anti-government group added: ‘We object to our government’s increasingly unashamed assault on our private lives and civil rights… We believe we are sleepwalking into a prison.’

The group’s antics were exposed a couple of years ago.

AP was handed the leaflet by a member of the public who was stopped by police under counter-terrorism laws earlier this week.

The leaflet outlines police powers under Section 44 and Section 43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and states: ‘For further information on stop and search and your rights please visit’

A Home Office spokesman told us tonight: ‘The Home Office does not own this website. There has been no security breach.’

However, he said the address was owned by the Home Office in the past, until a reorganisation of government websites a few years ago.

He said that the Home Office does not have the power to control information that now appears on the website.

The Home Office spokesman declined to comment further and advised us to speak to the police force which distributed the leaflet.


Stop and search websiteAbove: This is what appeared at when Amateur Photographer magazine visited the site this afternoon. The address is published on a leaflet (below), given out by police to people who are stopped and searched under counter-terrorism legislation

Stop and search leaflet PAGE TWO: MORE WEBSITE IMAGES

Stop and search website imageStop and search website image