An MP has urged the Home Secretary to issue a response following a spate of clashes between police and photographers taking pictures in public places.

Photography enthusiast John Kelly has received a letter from Michael Jack, Conservative MP for Fylde in Lancashire, explaining that he has written to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith about the matter.

In his letter to Kelly, dated 28 February, Jack writes: ?I have no doubt the minister responsible for the Police will reply.?

Last month Kelly said he was left humiliated and feeling like a criminal after a police community support officer (PCSO) ordered him to delete his pictures ? telling him he first needed permission before taking photographs of people in public.

The incident took place in Blackpool, Lancashire on 8 February.

The officer denied she had asked him to delete all his pictures, but admitted asking him to delete one after he ‘sneaked up’ behind her.

She accused Kelly of becoming ‘evasive’ when asked to produce identification showing him to be a photographer.

Kelly, however, said he was carrying an ID card showing the college photography course he is taking.

Incensed by the drama, the photographer wrote to his local MP alerting him to what he feels was unfair treatment by police.

Kelly subsequently emailed him, drawing attention to a spate of similar cases which have been reported on the Amateur Photographer magazine website.

Letter from MP